The 2018 Hay Show results

The Overall Champion Bale Trophy went to Hedley Heron in 2018 for his superb seed hay, runner up was P. Milburn with an impressive haylage bale

Seed Hay: 1. Hedley Heron; 2. Hedley Heron; 3. I. Harvey

Meadow Hay: 1. Hexham Mart; 2. Hexham Mart; 3. Hexham Mart

Hayledge: 1. P. Milburn; 2. T. Davey; 3. N. Purvis

Round Bale: 1. N. Purvis; 2. Hedley Heron; 3. Hedley Heron

Thanks to our panel of expert judges, Sophie Kirkup, Nicky Mitchell and David Walker. Also to Elliott Harrison for his generous donation towards the Hay Show competition prizes. The pledge auction raised over THREE THOUSAND POUNDS this year. The proceeds from this will be donated to local charities and good causes later this year.

The next Hay Show will take place on Sunday 10th February 2019.